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This website and discussion forum are for TEENS who are tired of being the pawns in their parents divorce;
who escape the pressures of reality by using drugs, abuse their bodies by eating disorders, join gangs and engage in violence, and substitute the loss of their fathers or mothers by engaging in premarital sex. These are just a few topics you'll discuss with your contemporaries.

It's about time you stand up to be heard!!!! This web site is a sounding board for your
emotional troubles, by having your Peers listen to your society-related problems with an open heart. We will never judge you. We will try to resolve your concerns in a constructive manner. Not by tearing you down but by building you up.

By listening as ONE, you will achieve great miracles, than trying to solve your problems on a one on one basis. You are all super stars wanting a winning team to propel them to the next emotional level.

All communications will be confidential. All I ask is for your first name and age. If you don't want to go online with the other teenagers you can email me at That will make it a one on one session.

I'm a caring and loving father of 2 great teenagers. So far that has been my greatest achievement in life. I'm looking forward to spread my concern and love to those who want to make an effort to better their lives.

With loving thoughts,


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